Monday, December 21, 2015

Clay Mug

For my clay mug I chose to do a lion. I started with the face and then I made clay strings for the mane.

Pen Drawing

I used a variety of different colored pens to draw Elsa. I tried to shade by filling in the darker spots and changing to darker shade of the color. I also blended colors together to bend it together and give it highlights.

Food Photo

I took this during lunch at Cayman Islands. The natural lighting made it look like a magazine photo.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ceiling Tile

For my ceiling tile i chose to do a bible verse. It was like a really fun calligraphy project!


To achieve this frame look I used a wreath and held it in front of my dog.

Wire figure

To create this wire ballerina i jut shaped and twisted the wire to form this. I used thicker wire for more support.


Bokah is basically blurred Christmas lights. I took this by moving my camera and changing the focus to get a blurred effect.

Foreshortening drawing

Foreshortening in this drawing made it look like the giraffe was drawn from above.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

High Contrast (black&white)

From a colorful photo to a black and white scene. A modern photo appears to be from a different era when you alter the contrast.

Something Blue

Backstage at a concert catching the perfect blue lighting effect making a stage of blue.


This is the silhouette of buildings and a lamp post during sunset.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Motion Drawing

For this I used a previous picture of water streaming across the picture. I drew that using the sense of motion it gave. I did that by shading and highlighting the water stream. In this you can see the droplets flying off the stream. You can also see the flow in the stream by the shading and highlights.

Mixed media collage

For this collage i decided to go with a NYC theme. I started by using thin sheets of metal to shape the tall skyscrapers. I painted the background black for a night sky. I used the top of an old paint brush for the torch. I cut out letters from magazines for New York City. To color the statue I used water colors. The water is made of tissue paper and glitter.

Something Golden

This starfish is caught in just the right amount of sunlight to give it a golden glow. Already the starfish is a golden color. The light makes it stand out.


For this photography post I had to take a picture of a machine. I took this picture in Italy at a vineyard. This is a machine that is used to produce many gallons of wine.

Inspirational Quote

"The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of" -Leonardo da Vinci. 
I got my inspiration from this quote. The artist would see what lies under the fabric. The normal eye would only see what on top, or the more basic view. I used the swirls in the sky to give a Van Gough look. I used modeling paste for the mountains to make them pop more. I took an ordinary scene and gave it an almost enchanted look.

Halloween Challenge

For this project I used acrylic paints to create this candy corn covered canvas. The left candy corn with the grey background is the actual colors for candy corn. For the others I used different colors and changed the background to give it an Andy Warhol look.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Ordinary Into Extraordinary

Just an ordinary bottle of water can be extraordinary if you change the lighting. Using a flashlight under the bottle gave it a glow. With the dark background it showed a luminescence that you wouldn't normally see. You can see the little bubbles attached on the sides and the condensation giving it a matte appearance.

Back Lighting

This photo of a dandelion puff uses back lighting. Catching the sun directly behind the puff creates a new view. It seems to be the source of light in the picture. You can also see that the back lighting makes the front outlines look dark. A silhouette of the dandelion is another way to see it.

Minions Meet Art History

In this project the Minion meets Lady Liberty. Everything seems to be normal, but instead of a green lady, there is a yellow minion. I used acrylic on canvas and used a variety of colors and brushes to create the shadows and highlights.

Detailed Watercolor

To get the detailed designs I used resist to create the designs. I used water colors over the resist designs. After peeling off the rubber-like substance this is what came out.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Splash Photography

A photo of water being tossed to show movement. You can see the movement in the water as droplets and ripples form in and around the stream.