Monday, September 28, 2015

Ordinary Into Extraordinary

Just an ordinary bottle of water can be extraordinary if you change the lighting. Using a flashlight under the bottle gave it a glow. With the dark background it showed a luminescence that you wouldn't normally see. You can see the little bubbles attached on the sides and the condensation giving it a matte appearance.

Back Lighting

This photo of a dandelion puff uses back lighting. Catching the sun directly behind the puff creates a new view. It seems to be the source of light in the picture. You can also see that the back lighting makes the front outlines look dark. A silhouette of the dandelion is another way to see it.

Minions Meet Art History

In this project the Minion meets Lady Liberty. Everything seems to be normal, but instead of a green lady, there is a yellow minion. I used acrylic on canvas and used a variety of colors and brushes to create the shadows and highlights.

Detailed Watercolor

To get the detailed designs I used resist to create the designs. I used water colors over the resist designs. After peeling off the rubber-like substance this is what came out.