Monday, December 21, 2015

Clay Mug

For my clay mug I chose to do a lion. I started with the face and then I made clay strings for the mane.

Pen Drawing

I used a variety of different colored pens to draw Elsa. I tried to shade by filling in the darker spots and changing to darker shade of the color. I also blended colors together to bend it together and give it highlights.

Food Photo

I took this during lunch at Cayman Islands. The natural lighting made it look like a magazine photo.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ceiling Tile

For my ceiling tile i chose to do a bible verse. It was like a really fun calligraphy project!


To achieve this frame look I used a wreath and held it in front of my dog.

Wire figure

To create this wire ballerina i jut shaped and twisted the wire to form this. I used thicker wire for more support.


Bokah is basically blurred Christmas lights. I took this by moving my camera and changing the focus to get a blurred effect.

Foreshortening drawing

Foreshortening in this drawing made it look like the giraffe was drawn from above.